2.5″ Transtec Beetle Hom DJI / Awesome quad Awful 4S Tune!

Link –
Transtec Beetle Hom 2.5″ BNF – https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KvGmADSnDr

Had a few pack on the Transtec using a heavy 4S 850Mah battery. Quad needs a lot of tuning, and a touch of jello, but it felt great in the air – like a much larger quad, and far more capable of acro. This is likely how i’ll run mine in larger spots where DJI can shine (likely using lighter 750 packs) and use 3S in smaller parks etc. A lot of flexibility and the motors are near silent – something that doesnt come across on the awful sound recording from DJI.
Sadly the escs are only Blheli_S so i cant use rpm filters unless I pay for the special firmware. I did lower the filtering as motors are stone cold.
Really loving this little guy, just hope I can get to grips with Betaflight 4.1 and it’s awful tuning, otherwise it’s going to 3.57 or possibly Emuflight.

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