Gimbal Guy here with the $5 #Gozer 150mm by #HoverShip. This is a quick look @ the build, which took about 45mins from standoffs to vtx installment. I couldn’t resist buying this frame from Hoverhsip, they make such quality products it was a no brainer, I could remember when these quads were upwards of 50 bucks for the frame alone. This 4s Mini will def be hitting some high speeds with the set-up I put into this little 4mil thick frame. This is an amazing build @ such a low cost for the base. Definitely skipped some boring redundant footage, like who needs to see some1 screw in some standoffs, mount motors, or attach a top plate, LOL. I wouldn’t suggest the 150mm Gozer for beginner builders, due to the fact there isn’t much space for Esc/ motor wires etc. This also means there isn’t room for much error either.
Thanks for watching & please return for the Acro Flight footage of the #Zuul Gozer by HoverShip.

Frame: 150mm Zuul Gozer by HoverShip https://shop.hovership.com/zuul-gozer-150-quad/
Motors: F20ii 3750kv 4s by T-Motor http://www.helibatics.com/tmotor-tiger-motor-fpv-f20-kv3750-for-racer-copters/
Escs: F20A by T-Motor http://www.helibatics.com/t-motor-fpv-series-mini-size-f-20a-4s-blheli-s-and-dshot-esc-speed-controller/
Flight Controller: Lumenier F4 AIO w/ PDB-OSD-SBUS 12v/5v/3v out http://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-f4-aio-flight-controller.html
VTX: DYS 200mw w/ pigtail extension https://www.amazon.com/DYS-Transmitter-25mw-200-Switchable-Pigtail/dp/B06Y2QPZHF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504651770&sr=8-1&keywords=dys+200mw+vtx+with+pigtail

For the FPV Cam I used an old FatShark 600tvl that I had laying around, and I squeezed it into the build. I will probably swap it out with a Run Cam Swift Micro, due to the dimensions and the weight difference.

Flight FOOTAGE coMING soON!!!
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