65 Tech Tips For FPV Pilots | YOU DON’T KNOW #40 I GUARANTEE IT

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I’m doing a list video! 65 Tech Tips for FPV Pilots! You’ll know about some of these, but I bet most of them will surprise you!

For more info about these tips…

#7 – Why two omni antennas work better sometimes

#18 – How to set up Crossfire LQ / RSSI in Betaflight

#19 – Crossfire emergency update procedure

#24 – Props-in vs. Props-out

#25 – How to set up a Prearm mode

#25 – How to set up 2-switch arming

#33 – How to do the L1 inductor mod

YOU ALSO NEED TO DO THE SAME MOD TO THE L10 INDUCTOR. The L10 inductor is on the top side of the DVR board, on the left side of the board. The DVR board is in the top half of the goggle shell. The L10 inductor is quite large and I recommend simply jumper-ing it with a wire, instead of trying to remove it.

#34 – FPV flight line best practices

#36 – How to set up all your aircraft on the same model

#55 – How to set up turtle mode

#64 – How to build a smoke stopper

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