Azure Johnny prop + some others

Table of Contents:
00:37 – Johnny prop flight
03:53 – A look at the Johnny prop
04:58 – Johnny prop flight 2
06:18 – Flight feel/performance
09:50 – HQ 4.8×3.4×4
12:06 – Gemfan 5146.6
13:51 – Settings to mimic Johnny prop

This prop is maybe 4.9″:
I checked all the 5″ range props I had and found that 5″ seems to mean different things to different manufacturers. They all vary in size. The HQ 4.8 is smaller than this Johnny prop while some 5″ props are similar and others are bigger. The 5.1″ props are all larger. I don’t even know what to think of this 🤔

The Johnny prop feels a little weird on a 2207 or 2208. It was designed for a 2306 1600kv motor on 6S. I would recommend you stick to a 2306 and less than 1800kv with this prop…or limit max throttle. Here’s how:

My way of making the quad feel like the Johnny prop:
Lower max throttle endpoint by ~30 on a more powerful prop.
Set the Feed Forward to about 19
Make sure air mode is on and idle RPM is around 6.5%

My work in progress website:
Check out the Articles page.

Join my FB group for more discussion: Kabab FPV

Equipment I highly recommend:

Micro Eagle –

Rush Tank Vtx –

Fantastic solder-

TS100 iron –

WaFL’s Cap Cap

Xing 2306:,
Flywoo 2306:
Xing 2208:
Hold off on 220X motors for now. There is a bug in BLheli/BF that makes them act a little weird unfortunately. 🙁

Sub $200 5″ build that’s still good:
FC/4in1 Stack:
FPV Cam 2.1mm:

Starter goggles I recommend:

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