Betaflight 3.4 & 3.5 Setup For Total Beginners

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0:00 – Introduction

01:47 – Download and install Betaflight Configurator

Download Betaflight configurator at:

03:04 – Download and install drivers

Download CP210 drivers at:

PREFERRED: Download STM32 VCP drivers from my web site at:!Al4b3QGPtgasnKBKe12rIRQiU1Na6A

ALTERNATE: Download STM32 VCP drivers from the official site at:

08:00 – Backup your Flight Controller configuration

09:03 – Flash the FC to the latest version of Betaflight

09:56 – Bootloader mode and ImpulseRC Driver Fixer

Download the ImpulseRC Driver Fixer at:

13:23 – Bind your receiver

How to bind Spektrum Satellite receiver, Method 1:

How to bind Spektrum Satellite receiver, Method 2:

How to bind FrSky RXSR (and others):–M

How to bind FlySky FS-X6B

14:31 – Receiver Setup

Flight Controller Wiring For Beginners playlist:

18:52 – Channel Mapping

20:12 – Set up Arming Switch

Full written instructions for setting up an arming switch on OpenTX, Spektrum, and FlySky are in the manual of the Holybro Kopis 1 at:

24:52 – Other Flight Modes

My full tutorial video about setting up Flight Modes is:

My video about calibrating and trimming acceleromter for autolevel mode is:

My video about acro trainer is:

26:16 – Making The Motors Spin

29:42 – Test Arming and Failsafe

31:32 – Ready to Fly?

32:45 – Adjust Channel Endpoints, Center, Deadband

Full instructions for adjusting channel endpoints and center are in my manual for the Holybro Kopis 1 at:

35:33 – Final steps to improve performance

My video about Betaflight Rates is:

42:00 – Conclusion

My Betaflight 3.4 “new feature preview” video is:

My flight test of Betaflight 3.4 is:

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