Cheap n good, RunCam DVR, Caddx SDR1, goggles and others…

Table of Contents
00:25 – FXT Viper Goggles:
03:48 – $10 motor:
07:32 – $10 motors flight video
08:35 – Why this is my favorite quad now
09:53 – FC/Vtx combo:
11:10 – $28 6S 4in1:
12:50 – $28 4in1 ESC Flight video
15:00 – Caddx SDR1:
15:49 – Caddx SDR1 vs Micro Eagle
17:41 – RunCam onboard DVR/brightness issue
19:30 – RunCam DVR Overview

Yes you can fix the blue-green tint of the Caddx SDR1 in settings. Also if you turn the sharpening down, it looks equally as detailed as the Micro Eagle. The Caddx SDR1 is now my preferred camera with the resolution of the Eagle and the HDR of the Predator but not so exaggerated.

Caddx SDR1

Most popular Goggle product I’ve seen. Generally considered a good value.
Eachine EV800

FXT Viper Goggles
FXT Viper (V2) FPV Goggles (DIVERSITY, HD-in, DVR)

DYS Wei 2207
2600kv 5″ 4S, 2300kv 5″ 5S or 6″ 4S,

Anniversary Special Edition Racerstar REV35 35A BLheli_S 3-6S 4 In 1

Looks like that same ESC, $3 less

The FC/Vtx combo

Runcam DVR

HMDVR I keep comparing the RunCam DVR to
Video with the HMDVR:

The TPU antenna holder on the back of my frame

Brain3D GoPro/ND filter mount
ND Filter Session Mounts (TBS Jello Guard Filter)

This backpack is awful. Don’t get it.

This is what I used for the controller view. Chest gopro holder. It’s actually pretty decent quality. I wasn’t expecting it to be very good.

FlosStyle frame

The FPV cam mount I’m using (27mm spacing for FlosStyle)
Micro FPV Cam Mount

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