Drone Racing Championships

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It’s been called the sport of the future, drone racing or FPV (First-person view). Racers had to fly drones around a marked looping racecourse that included some tight hairpin curves while wearing goggles that show them a live feed from the drone’s camera. It’s like a real-life video game!

The new sport has been dubbed the Formula One of the air.

It all started in America several years ago, but has become an established sport in it’s own right here in Britain. This event was the first in the UK to host a team’s relay competition.
64 pilots made up the 16 teams; most of them had a backup crew who could fix the drone if and when required.

Two transponders were assigned to each team and only two drones were allowed to race in each 10-minute heat. Points were awarded for flying through the obstacles. There were four heats in total. As for spectators, they could either watch the event unfold on a large monitor or most of them watched via antenna-equipped goggles, which enabled them to view the live stream.
The winners on the day were “Team Fast-Forward” with 31 points

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