Eachine E013 FPV Tiny Whoov – Inside FPV DIY Tile Floor Test(EV100 DVR)

Well I am getting into the Tiny Whoov hovercraft phase. I bought me a Eachine E013 Tiny Whoop and the Tiny Whoov kit. I tore apart the Eachine and then built my Tiny Whoov. I also ended up trashing the Eachine cheapo FPV Camera and put on a nicer 600tvl 25mw with a clover leaf antenna for better FPV reception. These things are a blast. I ended up going with a 600mah 25c 3.7v battery giving me 3-4min. at full throttle use or 7-8min. with feathering the throttle. With the heavier battery I can only use the Tiny Whoov on tile, concrete or cement, forget carpet, too heavy for that. Did not care for the 200-260mah tiny whoop batteries they recommend, you only get 1min. time at full throttle and 2min. while feathering it. Plan on building another one from all cheap stuff from amazon, I figure I can build another FPV Tiny Whoov for $35, cheap enough.

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