Fat Shark Attitude V5 OLED Goggles – My Setup & Mods

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I do like these Fat Shark Attitude V5 OLED Goggles, I don’t like the onboard DVR, it just plain sucks. So was about to return these cause they were horrible out of focus. So 1st I found an old pair of my Scrip bifocals and cut the reading part of that lens out and glued them on the fatsharks, works really good, near perfect focus. Next I tried an external 720p DVR, that works really good so I ordered one of those to connect to the audio/video out on the V5’s. I have plenty of 18650 batts, so no problem there, I think these stock faceplate seem a bit thin so I ordered a couple of different sets also. I was using EV100’s which are not that bad, just s small FOV, these V5’s are so much larger, perfect for my type of FPV flying, the OLED screens are super bright, saturated color and good neutral sharpness. More than happy with them.

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