Fat Shark Attitude V5 – Testing DVR With Eachine US65

I got my new Fat Shark Attitude V5, while they are very nice the DVR is the worst I have ever used, come on fat shark, your scouts had a great DVR. Soooooo, I will be using a external DVR when I need to use a non built in DVR from a whoop, which does not happen that much anymore, so no biggy. Now I use my Triple Fed Patch and my K-Love Clover leaf mushroom antenna’s. I also had to DIY some Reading bifocal Diopters on to these goggles, as my eye just showed blurred through the V5’s. The ones I mad work great, even though I cut them out of a older pair of Scrip glasses I saved. The OLED screen are great and the field of View is huge compared to my EV100’s. The V5’s say they are 4×3 screens, they are not its somewhere between 4×3 and 16×9, which I really like as both of my camera;s of 16×9 and 4×3 I use on my whoops look really nice when I view through the goggles. Sure the higher rez Skyzones probably are sharper, but they were $100 more at Amazon and these V5’s are just so simple to use, love the 18650 battery holder, since I have 10-12 of those batteries just sitting around not being used. I had not problem flying inside using these Goggles and I can easily see the entire screen and the entire camera FOV.

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