FPV ANTENNA SHOOTOUT | Triumph. Axii. Pagoda. Foxeer. Aomway. HoneyDrop.

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Which FPV antenna is best? TBS Triumph. Lumenier Axii. FarView Pagoda. Beerotor Honeydrop. Classic Aomway. Foxeer “Unbreakable”. And a hand-made, custom-tuned cloverleaf from some German guy. I put them all against each other and show you the results.

We’ll also discuss axial ratio and antenna gain so that you can understand better why the antenna with the clearest coverage or the best range in MY TEST is not necessarily the best.

Antennas in the test:

* TBS Triumph – $40 for a pair – https://goo.gl/UxGc8g
* Lumenier Axii – $40 for a pair – https://goo.gl/bK0s7n
* FarView Pagoda – $15 for one + $2 for 3D Printed cover – https://goo.gl/yHqYyL
* Aomway – $15 for a pair – https://goo.gl/FS0gTg
* Foxeer Unbreakable – $8 for one – https://goo.gl/xULCPO
* Beerotor Honeydrop – $16 for a pair – https://goo.gl/LD7EWz
* Hand-tuned cloverleaf – $47 for a pair – Email to [email protected] with inquiry

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