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Table of Contents:
01:21 – Crossfire on the X9 Lite
04:00 – What’s needed for crossfire to work
09:18 – Value/cut corners?
11:58 – Comparison with other controllers

X9 Lite w/ HALL SENSORS!!:
X9 Lite:
Unfortunately the M7 or M9 do not fit.

By popular demand, THEY WILL BE SUPPORTING D8 MODE!!! Just update the firmware in the future!!! WOOOohOOOOoooo

X Lite Pro:
Jumper T16:
The others in the video aren’t worth getting

One of the best traditional Whoops on the market:
I have one coming for hardcore testing soon.

TopSky’s second iteration of their low end goggle:
I’ve got one on the way for testing.

Note: I do not like FrSky as a company but I do like this particular product of theirs. There is no other option that is about this size and general shape with as much travel on the gimbals and support for crossfire. If there were, I would not even touch this controller.

To get crossfire to work, you just need to update your X9 Lite to the nightly builds. There will be official releases in the future but for now the nightlys are all we have with the updated protocols. It’s just three wires that need to be soldered and it’s up to you if you want to include the 6v for power from the controllers batteries for low power crossfire usage.

Wiring diagram:
The crossfire wire I cut and soldered:

Link to nightly companion builds:

After installing, setup your controller (the one big gear button). Choose X9 Lite and select the following options: nohelo, crossfire, multimodule, lua, luac. Then go over to the ‘application settings’ tab and select ‘use nightly builds (unstable)’ from the drop down. Hit save, download the latest firmware from the companion app and flash.

Equipment I recommend:

Micro Eagle –

Rush Tank Vtx –

Fantastic solder-

TS100 iron –

WaFL’s Cap Cap
Xing 2306:,
Flywoo 2306:
Hold off on 220X motors for now. There is a bug in BLheli/BF that makes them act a little weird unfortunately. 🙁

Sub $200 5″ build that’s still good:
FC/4in1 Stack:
FPV Cam:

Batt pad material:

Starter goggles I recommend:


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