Gemfan Hulkie 5055 STRONG!!!

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Finally Gemfan has listen and they have made our favorite props even STRONGER! Join us as we take the props through our first flight as well as a quick durability test!

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My 2018 Racing Setup (4s)
-F40 Pro v2
-F60 Pro v2
-Speedix 4 in 1
-Unify HV Race
-Lumenier Stubby
-Foxeer Micro
-Hulkie 5055
-Flash 5152

My Racing setup (6s)
-Proton Skeleton/Canopy Frame
-F60 pro v2 1750kv
-Spedix 2-6s esc
-XSRF40 FC or Mini Magnum Emax
-Unify HV Race
-Foxeer Micro

These electronics can be found in the LINK below!


Prop Tool:
Allen Drivers:
Battery Heat-shrink:
Wire cutters:
Needle nose:
Soldering Station:
Field Iron:

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