How To Build A 24v / 2400W Power Supply | BEST BANG FOR BUCK 24V PSU

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Here’s my tutorial on how to build a 24v / 2400W DC power supply using two HP 441830 DL580 power supplies. These are available for about $55 each on Amazon (link below), which is the absolute best bang for buck you can get.

If you want to learn why a 24v PSU is essential to getting the most out of many LiPo chargers:


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Full parts list for my Ammo Can 24 Power Supply is at:

HP DL580 1200W 12v PSU. You’ll need two of these to make a 24v PSU as shown in this video.

Purchase at Amazon:

Set of two HP 750W power supplies. This is more than enough power for most RC hobby needs, and is about half the cost of the 1200 watt supplies.

Purchase at Amazon:

To complete this mod you’ll need M3 nylon washers, 0.5mm thick:

You’ll also need a set of M3 nylon screws:

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