INNOV 120 with Caddx Micro Turbo S1

Here is a short flight of the INNOV 120 that I built.

I mainly used the INNOV 120 kit from Gearbest but, I switched out the AIO cam/VTx for an Eachine VTX03 and a Caddx Micro Turbo S1 – which handled the difficult lighting of a very overcast day quite well. Although, I did have to use an external 5V BEC because the one built-in to the board couldn’t handle the LEDs, the XM receiver, the VTx and the camera all at once.

I also replaced the 3-inch propellers that they give you in the kit (which don’t even fit the frame) with Gemfan 2540.

You’ll notice the short flight time. This is partly due to my aging GNB 550mAh 80C 2S battery here, which has had over 100 cycles on it ( I am having trouble getting replacements delivered).

I have no doubt that a brand new battery would yield a 2½ to 3 minute flight but, it will stress the battery. 8000Kv is just too much for 1106 motors, in my opinion, they are not very efficient. That said, this thing is fast.

Some pics and parts list here:

‘Lost Time’ by Eveningland

Original YouTube post

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