Live – Install configurator 10.5 and update to Dev Betalight 4.0 – Full setup

Configurator Dev builds:

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Link to get your own DIY 3″: Worth well more than the price:

The Leader 120 is also on sale for a short time for $99. Excellent 2-3S small yard flier:

Tachyon 4100KV Motors as alternatives: Tachyon 1408:

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Get A great micro here and help support the channel:

Other goodies:

Goggles..i actually like these:

DVR for goggles:

Video for adding DVR to goggles:

Flysky transmitter:

Video for converting Flysky Transmitter to use Lipo 1s batteries:

Video for GTA-V – best simulator using your real transmitter and F4 flight controller:

Leader 120: Favorite Micro:
20mm FC:

Or..the one i used:

20mm 4:1 ESC 28 amp:

Or the stack to cover both:


Tiniest camera EVER:

Turbowing DVR CYCLOPS 3

Great battery straps:

Inexpensive 4s:

Smallest decent flysky receiver with working failsafe:

best VTX for micros:

Excellent 1407s:

Original YouTube post

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