TBS Crossfire Mini vs FrSky R9M Long Range Systems. Why I Switched! Review after testing

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Update: I’m really impressed with how well this setup is performing! Check out my recent flights with the R9 mini in my Hawk 5! https://youtu.be/zA3IURwuK38

In this video I’m sharing my experience and reasons for switching to the new FrSky R9M long range system. I’m switching from the TBS Crossfire Micro system in my freestyle and medium long range rigs. Im using the absolutely tiny R9 Mini receiver running FPort temeletry and it is performing wonderfully in my Emax Hawk 5

My Gear List

Armattan Rooster (pre- built, great company!)

Fatshark Dom V3 goggles

Eachine Pro58 Video Reciever Module for Fatshark

Achilles Firmware that gives the Eachine Pro58 just about all of it’s super powers (including model find)

GoPro Hero5 Session (for HD flight footage on Drone)

Must have lens protectors that have saved me a lot of money!

Alternative Camera if you don’t care about 4k and would rather crash a less expensive camera!:
GoPro Session

My top recommended pre-built racing drone:
Emax Hawk 5 (this thing screams out of the box! )

UXii stubby antenna on drone (good for close range flights and doesn’t snag on anything)

My Radios:
Taranis X9D Plus SE (Love it!)


Taranis X9D Plus with upgraded hall gimbals

Hall Sensor Gimbals to upgrade your X9D plus:

If you don’t already have a radio get the Qx7s or X9D SE It has a lot of upgrades for less money than you could do them for yourself.

Camera Gear:
Canon 80D (great for video and photos!)

Cheers Mates!
Happy Flying!
Note that links above are affiliate links. I do get a small commission if you buy something using those links but it won’t cost you any extra. Cheers!

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