The SHORTest path to becoming a PRO Drone Racing Pilot | 2019 DRL Sim Tryouts

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The DRL Sim Tryouts could very well be the shortest path to becoming a Professional Drone Racing Pilot. Watch my experience as a guest to the 2019 Swatch DRL Sim Tryout event.

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Check out this site to learn more about the kind of drones I fly:
Shout out to my sponsors:
Cameras I use:
The drone cam:
Then protect it with this:
The MAIN camera (its so good):
The other VLOG cam:
And protect that camera with this:
Want a drone (quad)?
The SMALL HD quad:
get this frame:
this stack:
this vtx:
this RX:
this HD cam:
these motors:
these props:
Battery choices for the acrobrat:
a DOPE BACKPACK for the small HD quad:
A link to FREE 3D Print designs for the Acrobrat (small HD quad):
The GoPro FREESTYLE quad:
An awesome Flight Controller:
Make life easy and use these ESCs:
The best FPV Video Transmitter:
Lightweight VTX Antenna:
(UPDATED 2017) Best FPV cam:
The BEST props:
SMOOTH props:
Battery for drone 4s:
Serious battery for drone 5s:
Keep your battery secure!:
Taranis Radio (mode 2):
Make that radio even more awesome with these gimbals:
Tiniest receiver ever for above radio:
Upgraded battery for above radio:
To go LONG RANGE, get this:
And a tiny LONG RANGE receiver:
A really good antenna for above rx:
A better antenna for the radio:
FPV Goggles (how I see where i’m going):
A diversity module for the goggles:
Use one of these antennas:
And then one of these antennas to go FAR:
MISC things you’ll want:
Use this to WATERPROOF your drones:
The BEST soldering iron (and its portable):
use this to power the soldering iron:
An assortment of black zip ties:
Some good electric tape:
Or liquid electric tape:
An assortment of shrink wrap:
A good set of tools:
A cheap multimeter: