TransTec Beetle Hom / Flight test / FPV freestyle

Put about a dozen packs through this guy and 3 4s. My 3s batteries are knackered and I really had to be gentle on the throttle here. It has annoying low throttle propwash which I managed to tame but never got rid of. Increasing idle helped more than pid changes so I need to delve. I expected 4s to be too much however it felt good on 850 4s if heavy and had a ton more power. These motors are much better than the diatones. My battery strap wouldn’t go round my 850 4s so I ended up using a larger one around the whole canopy and had a bit of jello – possibly because of this.
I need to get some new 3s 750 batteries (I was running 550s) and I’ll try a couple of 750 4s. It’s a fab little thing with plenty of power – if my batteries will handle it. Well capable of acro although clearly the weight holds it back from being truly agile and its best at just enjoying the view with dji.

Ill update when I’ve got some new batteries but I’m very glad this little guy arrived. Super quiet too.
Oh and the tiny linear antennas seem better than the hundreds of pounds of others I’ve tested… Need to compare properly!

Transtec Beetle Hom 2.5″ BNF –

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