Wild Frame, ‘Modern’ Tuning Tips, Prop pitch hypothesis

01:00 – Amazing QuadStar Frame
07:20 – Azure 5140 vs 5150
09:36 – Prop pitch theory
14:36 – A prop/thrust test I propose
17:30 – Tuning tips beginning
19:57 – Tuning for lazy folks like me
20:24 – Corners dipping quick overview
21:11 – D Setpoint
23:35 – D Transition
25:10 – Minimum RPM/idle up
28:03 – Pretty good lazy tune flight video

Speedy Bee Bluetooth adapter

First six people out of the first 100 comments that are closest to the number I’ve chosen 1-100. Only your first comment will be considered.

ND Filter GoPro mount
(also works without a filter)
ND Filter Session Mounts (TBS Jello Guard Filter)

T-Motor T5143:
https://goo.gl/SAZ8op, https://goo.gl/Q7KZ2n
Flying sample: https://goo.gl/R6PHHJ

Azure 5140:
Azure Freestyle 5140 "5 Props

Azure 5150:
Azure 5150 Racing Prop

DVR of my first flight on the QuadStar frame

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