X-Class LOS with the Cannonball 800 : Is 12s Better?

Comparing this heavier 12s setup to my lightweight 8s one. Pretty interesting, and I think if a sub 8lb 12s setup can be made it would be nuts.

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Previous X-Class LOS video I am comparing to : https://youtu.be/M8eVtgRLwc8

~~~~~~~~Parts shown in video~~~~~~~~

[Frame] – CMW CannonBall 800 : https://goo.gl/XgCqty
[Motors] – MAD 4219 345kv : https://goo.gl/pFGEpq
[ESC] – APD F3X : https://goo.gl/EJF2wS
[PDB] APD PDB500 : https://goo.gl/8m2f5K
[FC] – BrainFPV Radix : https://goo.gl/oKxGC6
[VTX] – TBS Unify Pro HV Race : https://goo.gl/VgDcaS
[Props] – Master Air Screw 13X12 : http://bit.ly/2R7KX7L
[RX] – TBS CRSF Nano : https://goo.gl/FU7trm
[Battery] – GensAce 6s 3300mAh : https://goo.gl/mjXk9X
[LEDs] – TinysLEDs : https://goo.gl/P7PDss


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